Daisy Beauty New product Conference Advance notice “Pay tribute to classics and return to authenticity”

Time flies. With the topic of “Pay tribute to classics”, Daisy beauty 2019 Spring New Product Conference & the Greater China Brand Landing Ceremony is on the countdown.

Daisy Beauty, as a fashion accessory brand sweeping across the European and American fashion circles, has made a hit in recent years. It held new product release show in London Fashion Week in last five years. And the cross-border cooperation with Elle (a famous clothing brand) achieved high praise and remarkable results. In the middle of this year, after a market survey, Daisy Beauty finally decided to march into China and open up a new career. In order to be more compatible with the aesthetic of Chinese, the designers recreated brand image on basic elements of the original characteristic “daisy”, and developed a new season of products ingeniously.

This time, whether you notice or not, you will feel the sincerity of Daisy Beauty.

This time, Daisy Beauty will face the Chinese customers in Beijing with the most humble attitude.

As far as this conference’s concerned, what the public expects most will start with new products release, but will never end there.